Class Syllabus - 6th Grade Science

  •        6th Grade Science Syllabus 

      Mrs. Quiñonez

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Phone number: (708) 233-4536  

    Room 16  


    Welcome to 6th grade science!  My name is Mrs. Quiñonez and I am excited and looking forward to guiding you through many important science topics this year.  We will start the year by learning about lab safety, Chemistry and Physics.  We’ll then move on to Earth and Space Science topics.   There is a posted 6th Grade Science Curriculum Map on the school website and in Schoology where you can see more detailed information about our course of study. 


    Just as I have responsibilities in our classroom, students do as well.  I expect students to:

    • Come to class ready to learn
      • Bring a positive attitude
    • Bring all necessary materials to work
      • Sharpened pencils, pen, notebook, and a charged Chromebook
    • Be kind and respectful to classmates
      • Listen to classmates’ ideas
      • Provide useful input
    • Participate in meaningful discussions to maximize learning
    • Do their best everyday!
      • Complete assignments on time
      • Complete missed work when absent
      • Ask questions about anything that is unclear
    • Be safe!
      • Walk into the classroom and in the hallways, don’t run
      • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    Additionally, all students will be expected to comply with our R.O.A.R. rules.  These rules will be explained to you in detail including expectations in different areas of the building.  A R.O.A.R. rules contract will be signed by you and your parents and kept in your file.


    Start of class-time procedure:   

    • When the bell rings you should:
      • be in your seat, with pen, sharpened pencils, science notebook and Chromebook ready.
      • Work on problem of the day assignment (posted on the board)


    During class-time procedure:

    • When you are in class you should:
      • actively participate in all small and large group work including labs
    • remain seated and working until I dismiss you at the end of the period


    Daily Agenda – posted on the board everyday

    • Each class will begin with our daily agenda projected on the whiteboard
    • The agenda will let you know what is going on for the day and will include other important information such as the objective of the work that is being done, the schedule for the block, and opening and homework assignments
    • Record your homework assignments each day, or record “no science homework” when there is no homework
    • Bring your homework to class or submit online when it is due 

    Grades - each assignment, project, quiz or test is worth a number of points.  Points earned each quarter will determine the quarter grade, cumulative points from the whole year will determine the overall grade. A rubric will be provided for large assignments/projects (check Daily Information Slides and Schoology) describing what is expected and how points will be earned.

    The following grading scale will be used:  

    100% -- 93% = A

     92% -- 86% = B

     85% -- 78% = C

     77% -- 70% = D

     69% --   0% = F


    Absences - it is your responsibility to arrange to make up any work you miss while absent.

    • First check Schoology to see what work you have missed
    • Then, upon your return to class, check the missed work folder for paper/pencil work
    • you have the number of days missed plus one to make up missed work
    • if you are absent the day before a test you will still need to take the test as scheduled
    • if you are absent the day of a test you will be expected to take the test the day of your return
    • if you have a special situation that requires additional time, talk to me or email me and we will work together!!
    • if you know you are going to be absent, let me know and I may be able to give you work in advance

    Come see me or contact me!!

    If you are struggling with any of our science concepts, having trouble keeping up or have any other issues I can help you with please let me know and we will work together to help you succeed.  Email is always the best way to contact me during the school day or after school!