• This will be my second year teaching at Oak Ridge Elementary School. Last year, I taught second grade and am thrilled to be joining the fourth grade team for the 18-19 school year. I'm even more excited to be teaming with Mrs. Gallagher! I'll be teaching Reading, Writing, and Word Work, while Mrs. Gallagher will be teaching Math and Science. We're both very passionate about teaching and enstilling a love for learning. We look forward to incoporating a growth mindset within our classrooms. This school school year, our goal is to build a strong sense of community within our classrooms that focuses on lifting others up through the Housing system. There will be six Houses and they're as follows:


    loyalty, courage, respect, kindness, strength, and integrity. 

    kindness courage respect Integrity Strength loyalty


    About Ms. Burke: 

    Age: 24 years old

    Favorite Color: Pink

    Favorite Food: Pizza

    Favorite Animal: Grizzly Bear

    Dislikes: coffee or anything caffeinated

    Likes: Target, Reading, Working Out, and spending time with my family/Emmy Lou