• Miss Wong

    Emily Wong
    Position:Third Grade Teacher
    Phone:(708) 233-5878
    Email:[email protected]

    Hello 3B and 3F ELA!

    I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Here are some activities you can do while we are not in school. These are optional activities.

    *Read each day and respond to your reading using your reading stamina log or by selecting a question from the fiction or nonfiction choice board. Write your responses in your composition notebook.
         Read on Epic! https://www.getepic.com/students
         Miss Wong’s Class code: HTX-7191
    *Research a topic you are interested in using PebbleGo! https://site.pebblego.com/
         Username: glenoakses 
         Password: read
    After researching a particular topic, write about what you’ve learned. You can write this in your composition notebook. Include: 
                          - 3 things you learned
                          - 2 things you found interesting
                          - 1 question you still have
    *Write a story! complete the leprechaun writing prompt or write your own story in your composition notebook! Include characters, settings, problems, solutions, and lessons. Don’t forget dialogue and descriptive details.
    *Watch videos on BrainpopJr! https://jr.brainpop.com/
         Username: glenoaks
         Password: brainpop
    *Listen to Read-Alouds on Storyline Online!
          Click a book to watch the video.
    *Go on your IReady Path!
    *Check out all of the additional resources from the district!

    Check out these Social Studies Videos!
    Region Video
    Northeast Region Video