• "Remote Learning" will start on Tuesday, March 31! Mrs. Crissie, Ms. Langford and I have been working on lessons for all of the PreK students while at home. We've researched, emailed, called, and even met through "Zoom" to plan engaging activities for our students. We are very excited!

    Home schooling can be challenging, but lucky for you that home schooling at the preschool level is all about learning through PLAY! It is so important for your child to have FUN with these activities, and that means YOU can have fun, too. Say the teachers have made "games" for them to play. Involve all the siblings, everyone in your home! The more everyone enjoys it, the more your preschooler will LOVE LEARNING! 

    The "Remote Learning" will be open on Tuesday. You can access the online materials through the NPD 117 website. Click on Remote Learning, Sorrick School, and the page to select the lesson will open. On this page, under PreK, click on the date. Done! The lesson will open and begin playing and learning. If you have any specific questions please email me! I am happy to help.

    My family is still healthy and I hope all of you are, too. I miss all of you SO MUCH. I hope the world heals and we can get back together soon. Stay home, stay healthy and I hope to see everyone again soon.



    Our Hello Song

    Kindness Video

    ABC Rock Song

    Subitize Rap

    Going on a Bear Hunt

    Who Took the Cookie Song

    If I Were A Tree Song

    I Am A Pizza

     Go Noodle Milkshake

     Go Noodle Popsico 2.0

    Our Goodbye Song


    As always, please call or email with any questions.

    Mrs. Angie Danaher

    [email protected]