• Dear Family,

    We are writing this letter to introduce ourselves to you.  For this 2020-2021 school year, your child will be in a co-taught Language Arts class with two teachers; our names are Mrs. Jamie Albon and Mrs. Rewaida Almallah.  Since students are taught Language Arts in an eighty-four minute block period daily, it allows students to be exposed to additional instructional time where they can focus on mastering the Common Core State Standards.  These State Standards are what drive our curriculum instruction. They clearly define the knowledge and skills students should have throughout their K-12 education, so they will graduate high school fully prepared for college and their future careers.

    Conrady Junior High School has had great success with the implementation of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative.  With each continuing year of District 117’s plan, we as a staff strive to meet the technological needs of individual students and the expectations of the district.  Each seventh grade student should have already obtained their own Chromebook to use for educational purposes throughout the year in all their classes.  Students, teachers, and administrators alike are very excited about this continued initiative and its support of the Common Core State Standards.

    Conrady truly embraces the middle school concept; at the heart of this ideology is the development of teams of teachers who specialize in specific groups of students.  Teachers have coordinated plan periods where they are able to meet and develop individualized plans for your child’s needs and monitor his/her progress academically and socially.  

    Early on and throughout the year, we establish and maintain a classroom environment that encourages student understanding of individual differences.  Students are encouraged to begin the year with a R.O.A.R. and maintain it all year long ( R:Be Respectful, O: Remain On-Task, A: Act Safe, R: Demonstrate Personal Responsibility).  Conrady’s implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports creates a positive, open-minded atmosphere where students’ learning experiences are both enhanced and fun. 

    We are pleased to be working in partnership with you and your child to make this year a wonderful learning experience.  Feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions at (708) 233-4555 or by email ( [email protected] or [email protected] ).  We look forward to meeting all of you at Parent Orientation on Thursday, August 29, 2019 beginning at 6:00 P.M via Google Meets. Additional curriculum information will be provided that evening as well.


        Mrs. Jamie Albon

         Mrs. Rewaida Almallah