• "A shared vision is not an idea...it is rather, a force in people's hearts... At its simplest level, a shared vision is the answer to the question 'What do we want to create?"
    ~Peter Senge

    Jeannie Stachowiak

    North Palos 117 Superintendent
    Dr. Jeannie Stachowiak

    Phone: 708-233-5762
    Fax: 708-598-5539
    Email: jstachowiak@npd117.net

    Rita Naumann

    Rita Naumann

    Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
    Email: rnaumann@npd117.net

    • Employment/New Hires
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    • Course Reimbursement
    • Lane Changes
    • Licenses/Renewal & Registration
    • Badges/Access Cards
    •  Board of Education Secretary
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