• Team 62-The All-Stars

    Thank you for visiting our All-Stars Team 62 website. The teachers on Team 62  hope that it is a meaningful and successful year for our sixth graders, and we can't wait to see them successfully move ahead! Visit our Teacher Websites below for more information about our classes!



    Team 62 All-Star Vision Statement

    Through a collaborative effort among students, parents, and teachers, our goal is to help the students of Team 62 become All-Stars in life-- academically, socially, and personally.  We are all on one team; a team that helps the children of District 117 develop into positive role models who are life long learners willing to share and encourage those around them.  Our goal is to follow the straight A’s of life—All-Stars of knowledge, All-Stars of citizenship, and All-Stars of responsibility.   


    Team 62 Teachers



    Mrs. Frickenstein

    Social Studies

    Mr. Atawneh

    Language Arts/ELL

    Ms. Tadros


    Mrs. Pekau



    All Teachers are included

    Mrs. Jones (Sumner)

    Language Arts

    Ms. Diaz-Quinonez


    Mrs. Albon

    Language Arts

    Ms. Abdelrazek

    Language Arts/ELL

    Physical Education

    All Teachers are included 

    Mrs. Fielding

    Social Worker