Food Services

  • The district provides a quality food program under the management of a contracted food service. Their menus offer a wide variety of proven favorites for all district students. At the junior high level, the daily food offerings will include a variety of up to 5 combo meals, plus various a la carte items. At the elementary schools, the students may choose from 2 combo meals daily. The district lunch program provides students with freshly prepared, high-quality products that assure student satisfaction.

    Lunch tickets will be sold on a daily basis. The elementary students will also have the option of purchasing a weekly lunch ticket. Families meeting basic guidelines for free lunch programs may apply for same at the individual buildings at any time during the year. Guidelines for free lunches change annually, therefore eligibility may not be the same as the previous year.

    Students who arrive late 15 minutes or more after school begins must bring a lunch as it is too late to order lunch for the day.

    Electronic Payments for Meals at Conrady, Glen Oaks and Oak Ridge
    Families can elect to use an electronic payment system to purchase meals at Conrady, Glen Oaks and and Oak Ridge. Electronic payments for meals for students at Sorrick and Dorn will be introduced at a later date.
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