• Math Team      Math Team is an activity open to all students at Conrady, beginning in October and ending in May.  We attend several math competitions throughout the year. Our team members are invited to attend competitions hosted by local private high schools, which generally are structured as students working individually on tests that contain random problem solving math questions.  Winners are announced that day and a certificate is issued to those participants.
         We will also have two teams attending the SWIC Mathlete competition. For the SWIC competition, the top five students from the seventh grade team and eighth grade team are asked to attend the competition.  Conrady has done very well in this competition in the past, and we hope to continue our success this year! 
    Parents are welcome to attend all competitions, but they are not allowed in the rooms with the students.  They can wait in the gymnasium or cafeteria during testing, then watch the awards ceremony. 
    For a schedule of meetings, meeting locations, and schedule of competitions, please reference our Calendar of Events webpage.  Please check the Calendar regularly and listen to morning announcements for cancellations of practices or competitions.  Mathletes may also directly speak to their coach for such information.
    The purpose of Mathletes is to:
    -- engage in mathematical thinking that goes beyond the standard curriculum taught within the classroom
    -- challenge oneself and persevere in solving new problems 
    -- compete in math competitions against students from surrounding schools 
    To become a member of Mathletes, you must:
    -- be willing to attend all meetings
    -- stay academically and behaviorally eligible
    -- be ready to learn concepts that might not be presented in class 
    Conrady at St. Laurence Contest - October 2018
    St. Laurence
    Conrady at the 2018 South Cook Math Bowl
    Math Bowl 1  Math Bowl 2
    Math Bowl 3  Math Bowl 3