• District Office: 
    Superintendent of Schools - Dr. Jeannie Stachowiak
    Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations - James Bunn
    Assistant to Superintendent/Human Resources Manager - Lisa Whitcomb
    Director of Buildings and Grounds - Dan Ford 
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction - Christine Droba
    Director of English Learning - Shadia Salem
    Director of Public Relations - Jim Hook
    Director of Special Education - Carrie Stacy
    Director of Technology - Sean Joyce
    Director of Transportation - Shelly Marr
    Business Office Manager - Sue D'Alessio
    Teaching & Learning Office Manager - Diane Padilla
    Conrady Junior High School
    Principal - Adrienne Pavek
    Assistant Principal - Dorita McCabe
    Glen Oaks School
    Principal - Dr. Carla Braun
    Assistant Principal - Stephanie Johnson
    Oak Ridge School
    Principal - Kevin Buscemi
    Assistant Principal - Jennifer Stefan
    Dorn School
    Principal - Dr. Eileen McCaffrey
    Sorrick School
    Principal - Natalie Profita