• Hi Everyone, 

    I am sure you know this, but there will be NO school this week due to the Governor's Executive Order to close schools from March 17-30. It is a time to keep your family at home, safe and healthy. This means practicing social distancing (no playdates, parties, going to the movies, Chuck-e-Cheese,  etc.). More information will be coming from our district as the week goes on, so please be on the look out for any e-mails, texts, and/or phone calls. 


    With this extended time off of school, my first recommendation would be to create a daily routine as children greatly benefit from this. A consistent routine gives children responsibility, control, and comfort. When they are aware of the routine they understand what is expected of them. Implementing a routine will hopefully help with any power struggles or "no's" you may get as well. Just remember, once you come up with routine, it may take your child a few days to adjust so try to stay consistent.

    Consider creating a daily schedule with your child and posting it on your fridge (our classroom schedule includes pictures to help them understand). You can even ask them for activitiy ideas to add to the list. You can also refer to my "Try This at Home" section on my webpage for activitiy ideas as well as the "Songs and Fingerplays" section. 


    Here is an example of a daily routine to get you started: 

    Sample Daily Schedule

    Before 9:00 AM

    Wake up!

    Make your bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed


    Outdoor Time

    Family walk or outdoor play (away from others)


    Academic Time

    No Electronics! Read with your child, practice letters and numbers, fine motor activities, puzzles, etc.


    Creative Time

    Creative play, drawing, Legos, crafts, music, play-doh, baking





    Home Chores

    Clean rooms, put away toys, take out garbage, pet care


    Quiet Time

    Reading, nap, puzzles, yoga


    Academic Time

    Electronics OK! Educational games, online activities, virtual museum tours


    Outdoor time/Family Time

    Family walk, outdoor play, play a board game


    Dinner time

    Family dinner, help with clean-up and dishes


    Bath time

    Bath or shower


    Reading/TV time

    Relaxing before bedtime

    9:00 PM


    Put on PJs, brush teeth