• Safety Procedure Overview

    Overarching Purpose: To ensure for the safety and security of all students and staff

    Fire Drill and Evacuation Procedures

    Fire/Evacuation drills are held throughout the school year. Students practice how to quickly and safely exit the building.  Both planned and impromptu drills are held to ensure staff and students are fully prepared. If an alarm is triggered for any reason, students and staff will follow all fire and evacuation procedures. First responders will conduct building walk-throughs and signal for all clear.  If students and staff cannot safely return to the building, students and staff will proceed to their schools’ designated Evacuation Site and parents will be contacted.

    Soft and Hard Lock Down Procedures

    Due to the changing times, NPD117 has chosen to remain in a Soft Lock Down position daily.

    Soft Lock Down procedures are as follows:

    • Exterior doors locked at all times.
    • Entrance to visitors only through designated areas.
    • Visitors must identify themselves and purpose of visit.
    • All school entrance areas have a secured area not accessible to visitors unless otherwise permitted.
    • Interior Doors locked when students are present.
    • Access to classrooms per teacher permission.

    Hard Lock Down procedures as follows:

    A hard lock down may occur if there is a potential threat in the immediate or surrounding area.

    If the school district receives notice from the Hickory Hills, Palos Hills, or Bridgeview Police Departments that there is policy activity in the area, schools assume Hard Lock procedures as a precautionary measure.

    • District and school administrators alert staff.
    • Students, staff, and visitors remain in the building.
    • No one (excluding key staff or First Responders) may enter the building.
    • No outdoor P.E. or recess
    • When notified by police that the incident has been resolved, schools receive All Clear and soft lock down is resumed. 
    • A brief Newsfeed will be posted on our website and Facebook accounts to inform the community that we instituted our Hard Lock Down procedures.
    • Phone calls will not be made unless there is an immediate threat to students/staff and parent and community action must be taken.

    Note: The most recent Hard Lock Down lasted approximately 4 minutes. The HHPD contacted one of our schools to alert them of a foot chase. As a precaution, all buildings were placed on Hard Lock Down.; The HHPD apprehended the suspect quickly. We received an All Clear. All buildings resumed Soft Lock Down procedures.

    The students and staff were never in immediate danger. Phone calls were not made because no school incidents occurred and parent action was not needed. In types of incidents, phone calls will not be made. However, we will inform parents and the community via our website Newsfeed and Facebook page.