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    North Palos School District 117 elementary students will start the 2015/2016 school year with a new mathematics curriculum that brings a more focused, rigorous approach to math instruction. The new program, ORIGO Stepping Stones, will support Dorn, Sorrick, Glen Oaks, and Oak Ridge in their efforts to implement the new state standards. 

    Educators are calling ORIGO Stepping Stones “a breath of fresh air” and “the only program that truly teaches conceptual mathematics.” The standards emphasize
     developing an understanding of, and becoming fluent with, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisionThe focus is on conceptual learning as compared with the procedural methods of past standards. The program also narrows the scope of content taught in order to focus on learning concepts deeply and building a solid mathematical foundation.

    This shift in instruction will help students learn 
    how to think rather than what to think, along with developing higher-order math skills. Teachers will lead class discussions on problem solving and students will apply strategies to find the answer rather than simply plug numbers into a formula. This approach will help students translate mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios so they are more prepared for college and career success.  


    More information on ORIGO Stepping Stones may be viewed here: