• District 117 has recently updated the report cards at K-5.  In these grades we utilize a standards-based report card.  In grades 6-8 a traditional report card is used with letter grades.

    The purpose of our report cards is to describe students' learning progress to their parents and others, based on District 117 curriculum, Illinois Learning Standards, and the Common Core State Standards.  It is intended to inform parents and guardians about learning success and to guide improvements when needed.
    A standards-based report card gives precise information about what a student knows and is able to do.  It also gives multiple grades for a single subject area, allowing parents to clearly see their child's strengths and weaknesses more specifically for each content area.
    A standards-based report card uses performance levels instead of letter grades.  These are outlined in the table below:
    4        Consistently  Exceeding             Your child independently extends and applies key concepts, processes, and skills. 
    3 Meeting     Your child demonstrates a solid understanding of key concepts, processes, and skills.
    2 Approaching  Your child is progressing toward an understanding of key concepts, processes and skills, but performance is inconsistent.
    1 Area of Concern     Your child has made minimal progress toward understanding key concepts, processes, and skills; requires additional time and support.
    X       Indicates an area of concern for work habits and social skills                                                                        
    Empty Box     

    Indicates satisfactory performance for work habits and social skills.                                                                        

    Checklists and grading criteria have been developed for all standards and performance levels.  This creates consistency in grading with all teachers.  These documents are attached below:

    Fifth Grade Parent Rubric

     You can view the standards-based report cards at the link below:

    First Grade Report Card 

    Fast Track:
    For more information please contact your school's principal or Melissa Murphy at 708-233-5752 or mamurphy@npd117.net