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Glen Oaks Receives EXEMPLARY Designation from ISBE

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) released designations for every school in the state. The designations provide a public benchmark of each school’s progress toward the goal of preparing all students for success in college and careers


Glen Oaks School received a designation of EXEMPLARY, which is the highest designation a school can receive. The designation means that Glen Oaks performed in the top 10 percent of all schools in the state and that there are no underperforming student groups at or below the “all students” groups in the lowest-performing 5 percent of all schools.


Glen Oaks’ Principal Kristin Reingruber cited the dedicated professionals at the school and district office as key components to the success and growth of the students.


“Committees and staff continually meet to refine and assess our programs to best meet the needs of all learners,” she said. “Focused on continuous improvement, our teams meet regularly to analyze data trends across the building, grade level, subject area, subgroups – all the way down to the individual students.


Mrs. Reingruber said she applauds the dedication of staff and families and “looks forward to deepening our partnership in the best interests of students at Glen Oaks School.”


Superintendent Jeannie Stachowiak called North Palos District 117 a “data-driven school district.”


“We use data to determine how to best differentiate instruction, to plan Professional Development/Training, to measure staff/teacher effectiveness, to determine how and where to allocate/use resources and how to improve our overall system. The exemplary designations are a direct reflection on what is happening in our schools.”


Dr. Stachowiak said she is pleased with how well students performed and attributed the high student scores to “better opportunities for our children.”


“Every year is different,” she said. “We are constantly using our state and local learning data to plan programs that are best for the students who are in the classrooms today – we want to make sure what we are doing is good for kids.


“Our goal is to create opportunities for our kids to be successful while they are here and as they move on to high school. We want them to be prepared and successful.”


Glen Oaks is committed to keeping the North Palos School District 117 community engaged in the continuous improvement process through opportunities to give input and get involved.

Learn more about the school designations at Glen Oaks School’s current performance at school-specific link.