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"You want us to play with DIRT???"

Science Experiment

In Mrs. Reilly's 5th grade science classroom, we are doing an experiment. We are trying to make our own little rainforest by planting grass seeds and alfalfa seeds in a little container. Our first step to complete our experiment was to place our dirt in a small container. Our second step was to pick a spot where we would plant our grass seeds and alfalfa seeds. Next, we sprayed the dirt 15-20 times. And the last step was to crumble some leaves into the container. After we were done setting up the terrarium, we let it grow. Every week we are supposed to spray the dirt 5-10 times. I think this experiment is super cool because we get to observe how the seeds we planted grow, live, and what they need to survive. 

by V.K. edited by S.M.

Getting soil
Getting soil
Preparing the soil
Setting up the terrarium
Getting ready to add seeds
Adding seeds
It grew!