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Battle of the Books

4th and 5th grades Battle of the Books was held on Friday, December 18th. 70 students on 15 teams battled to show which team knew the most about 10 books they had read as a team.

Like everything else this year, Battle of the Books was a little different. Remote students logged into a Google Meet to participate virtually, and teams were spread out through the school to keep students socially distanced. Mr. Buscemi, Mrs. Stefan and Mrs. Phillips joined in to help Mrs. Skrobin, Mrs. Alcala and Mrs. McMillin with the competition. Teams were eliminated with each round. In the end, there were 3 top teams who proved to be the ultimate Battlers:


In 3rd place, The Black Panthers with team members Alex, Xavier, Matthew, Jacob and Timothy.


In 2nd place, The Smarties with team members Isabella, Julia, Amelia, and Maria.


And taking 1st place, The Fruity Girls with team members Kyleigh, Teagan, Sara, Maya, and Nida.


Congratulations to all our Battlers!