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Exploring the U.S. Presidents

Three of the first grade classes engaged in a integrated technology and social studies lesson.  Ms.Borkowski, Ms. Calendo, and Mrs. Gecan classes were placed in groups of three where they worked with individuals from each of the other classes to research one of our 44 past presidents.  The students were given a president and then used safe google search tools in order to find our the appropriate information.  They worked for a little over a week to complete the project.  Once the students had all the information they were able to create a poster that was added to the wall of presidents displaying all of their information. The students were engaged the entire time with the project and worked very well together.  
The teachers added a great touch by using our green screen to take a picture of the students behind the presidential press podium. Maybe we will have a future president in the making here at Sorrick School.