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Book Fair/Family Night

Last week, Sorrick took part in the first Scholastic Book Fair of the year! The book fair was full of books about Halloween, kindness, various TV/movie characters, and many other books/series. We loved watching our students light up as they chose books that excited them. Additionally, teachers were given the opportunity to create a "Wish List" which parents could then purchase from to help the Sorrick classrooms build their libraries!

Another wonderful part of our Book Fair week was Family Night, which gave families a time to visit the book fair together, do some more "shopping", and enjoy snacks! Families also got the chance to listen to a read aloud by Sorrick preschool teacher Mrs. Ashley Crissie. Mrs. Crissie read the story "Not Quite Narwhal", by Jessie Sima. After the story, children were invited to participate in a craft where they could make their very own narwhal to take home. The children used model magic clay to create the shape of a narwhal and wrapped clay around a plastic straw for the tusk. Mrs. Crissie noted that "each child's creativity definitely shined through their creation!"

The Book Fair and Family Night were well attended and fun for all involved. We are proud to host these events, as they spark such a love of learning and literacy in all of our students! We appreciate all of the help and support from the PTA, Sorrick families, and Sorrick staff members!