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Kindness Weeks

Sorrick Cougars are wrapping up two amazing weeks of focusing on KINDNESS, which was prompted by a nation-wide celebration of Kindness Day. Students were able to participate in a variety of celebratory activites that were thoughtfully planned by Mrs. Wuchter, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Profita. Each day included a "focus word" accompanied by stories, activites, and suggestions for discussions for classrooms to participate in. During these weeks, students were especially encouraged to display behaviors based on the focus of each day. Our hope is that by giving specific instruction and attention to these concepts, students will start to naturally build those kind qualities into their characters. 

The daily focus words were as follows: 








Throughout the two weeks, classes created heart shaped "flowers" with messages about how to be kind, which were posted on Sorrick's Kindness Tree in the hallway. Classes had discussions, created lists, made art projects, read stories, listened to songs, and watched videos, all surrounding the idea of kindness. Feel free to ask your child about what they did during these weeks, and continue promoting these qualities at home!