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Conrady Hosts Family Literacy Night

Conrady Hosts Family Literacy Night

More than 100 parents, students, and staff turned out for Conrady’s Family Literacy Night Thursday for a well-orchestrated evening of pizza, improv, and fun.

Led by Katherine McKnight, an author, teacher, and nationally recognized expert in adolescent literacy, Conrady teachers got a quick lesson in using improvisational lessons to foster student involvement.

By the time parents and students finished their pizza in the school cafeteria, McKnight and her charges were ready for a round of improv games.

McKnight’s classroom-tested strategies use improvisational techniques to develop language and literacy skills. And while teachers can appreciate how the interactive exercises can boost student learning in listening, teamwork, and communication, most in attendance could agree on one thing: they were fun for everyone.

McNight, who currently serves as a Distinguished Professor of Research at National Louis University, is the author of seven books, including “The Second City Guide to Improv in the Classroom.

“Getting kids up and moving is a real key to developing student learning,” McKnight said, “and improv is a great tool for making that happen.”

On Thursday, she introduced a host of improv games, such as Zip Zap Zop, String of Pearls and Parts of a Whole. All were designed to provide a form of kinesthetic learning and foster idea-generation, vocabulary, communication and more.

In addition to the night of improv, students also took part in a book swap program.
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