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Pirates Past Noon Musical Rocks the Stage

Last week, Oak Ridge and Glen Oaks staged their first musical, Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon.  Preparing for this 40 minute performance took months of preparation. The work began back in January starting with auditions at both Oak Ridge and Glen Oaks. 35 students were cast in parts ranging from pirates to lobsters, jellyfish to librarians. The week before spring break, the cast met together for the first time and started practicing 3 times a week before school from 7-8 AM. Some of the principal roles also met frequently during their lunch and recess to practice their parts.

Behind the scenes there was a lot happening, too. Mr. McMillin built a treehouse and a boat, while Mrs. McMillin made palm trees, rocks, and costumes. Mrs. McMillin and Miss Fitzgerald drove to Oak Park to borrow more costumes from Bravo, a theater company that wants to help us succeed in bringing theater opportunities to our students. Miss Fitzgerald’s sister, Kelly, showed up one morning and taught harmony to our cast. Mr. Clark met stage engineers in the lunchroom at 6 AM to make sure our stage was usable. Mrs. Ventura had students in at lunchtime to paint props and set pieces. Mrs. Dempsey and Miss Scaramella choreographed dances and posted videos for the cast to practice with at home. Mrs. Gonzini ironed costumes in the library. Mr. Rafferty practiced singing with students whenever he could and found himself teaching dances to sea creatures. Mr. Ian Chaffee, one of our board members, planned for lights and microphones. Ticket sales, cast t-shirts, program design, emails to parents, how to have 35 students exit a stage; all of us involved learned a lot about the hundreds of decisions that need to be made and dealt with when putting on a show! 

Ultimately being a part of the cast and crew of Pirates Past Noon was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. It was a lot of work and at times really hard, but in the end all of it was completely worth the effort! Thank you to all of those involved in making this production a resounding success!