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Adrienne Pavek Loves her Role as Conrady AP

Adrienne Pavek


Adrienne Pavek grew up riding horses with her older sister Lori on the trails near the stables her parents owned in Willow Springs. When she wasn’t riding, Ms. Pavek was reading and enjoying school.

She’s now really enjoying school as the new assistant principal at Conrady Junior High School where she had served the last several years as a team leader.

“I had a great school experience,” she said. “All my teachers were amazing. They were warm and welcoming. It was a safe and fun atmosphere.”

She grew up in Willow Springs and attended kindergarten through eighth grade in the one-school building in School District 108 before attending Morton West High School in Berwyn.

She said she knew in third grade she wanted to be a teacher and follow in the same footsteps as some of her role models. One of those role models was Mrs. Hajek, who taught Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. “Mrs. Hajek was always optimistic and she had a real passion for math.”

A second teacher who left an indelible mark on her growing up was her fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Rak, who also was her cheerleading coach.  “Mrs. Rak also was instrumental in me becoming a teacher because she engaged students and made learning fun.”

Ms. Pavek attended Northern Illinois University where she majored in Elementary Education and minored in Elementary Math.

She earned the first of her two Masters Degrees in Educational Administration from Governors State University and the second in Math Education from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Ms. Pavek won the prestigious Golden Apple Award while a senior in high school. “The award was given to students who wanted to be teachers and (the award) provided additional training to students prior to entering college.”

She said she had only one male math teacher growing up. “It was pretty neat to have all those female math teachers,” she said. “Math just always came naturally to me. I’ve always enjoyed helping others.”

That explains why she continues to serve as a tutor after school to numerous students at Conrady and other schools. Ms. Pavek said she meets the students at their homes or at local libraries.

The Oak Lawn resident says she would love to get back to riding horses, something she hasn’t done in years. For now, though, she is in to reading “professional books,” like “How To Empower Others” and helping run a junior high school.