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'Thank You' District 117 Board Members for All You Do!

November 15th is observed statewide as School Board Members’ Day in Illinois. This is an opportunity for North Palos School District 117 and the community to thank our school board members for their selfless devotion and commitment to providing a local voice for our educational decisions.

Board members craft a vision, mission and goals that accurately reflect the desires expressed by parents and residents in our community. Our board members take their positions seriously and view their roles as a way to create lasting educational opportunities for every student.

Our board members are the frontline advocates who provide a local voice in our public school system. They serve – not for a paycheck – but to protect the community’s tax dollars while providing a pathway to success for our children.

Please join in thanking our incredible board members for providing the leadership and values that make North Palos School District 117 one of the highest-performing districts in Illinois.

Our board consists of President Dr. Tom Kostes, Vice President Ian Chafee, Secretary Ron Moran, and board members Debbie Groark, Tracy Sukalo, Clara Fraga and Bobby Greene.

 NPD 117 Board of Education