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Board Member Sukalo's Daughter On Stage at Lady Gaga Concert

It was an experience Morgan Sukalo will not soon forget.

The Stagg High School junior was one of 16 teens from across the country who appeared on stage during a recent Lady Gaga concert in Las Vegas. Morgan was one of two Stagg students (her friend Persephone Valdes was the other) chosen for their participation in the Teen Mental Health First Aid training pilot program supported by the artist’s Born This Way Foundation and the National Council for Behavioral Health.

She and Persephone were in Vegas for two days during which they and other teens met with Foundation representatives to evaluate and provide feedback on the first-year training that taught them how to respond to and get help if they or a friend ever struggled with mental health issues.

Morgan said the high school students were talking with Lady Gaga’s mom about the training program when the superstar walked in and surprised them. “I hugged her three times,” Morgan said.

Lady Gaga then asked the teens to come to her concert that night and join her on stage for the song “A Million Reasons.” Just before singing the song, Lady Gaga introduced all the students on stage to the audience.

Stagg was one of only eight high schools across the country to participate in the mental health training program where therapists came in and offered a week of training to shed light on mental illness and help students identify students experiencing issues such as anxiety and depression.

Morgan said she was excited to be part of the training.

“I know some kids at school who are dealing with mental health issues, especially anxiety and depression,” she said. “There’s a lot of anxiety from the stress and pressure students are dealing with at school.

“We try to help each other pout as best we can,” Morgan said. “We have each other’s backs. But sometimes some students need a little more support. We’re in this together.”