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District 117 Retirees' Group Meets

Nearly 50 retired teachers and administrators from North Palos School District 117 descended on the Silver Lake Country Club Wednesday for the annual retirees breakfast. 

Pleasantries focused on volunteering to babysitting grandchildren to recovering from surgeries to traveling.

Former Supt. Ken Geraghty and former business manager Judi Martschinke joined dozens of teachers to share memories and news of what they've been doing over the past year. Between traveling and watching grandkids and monthly breakfasts and lunches, these retirees are definitely not waiting for Father Time to catch up to them.

They are going out as men's groups or women's groups or they meet as a mixed group. But they are getting out and staying busy. They are enjoying themselves and they are unapolegetic.

Newly retired teacher Donna Crummie said she and her husband have been visiting National Parks across the country as well as visiting their son in California. Barb Ferry continues to breed and raise Monarch butterflies and has become an expert on the subject to where she has been quoted in several publications.