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Dorn Provides Strategies to Assist Parents

One of the most important goals parents share is that their children are successful, and one of the ways that can happen is to help children develop a lifelong commitment to learning.

"We need to be involved in our children's education to help their vision become a reality," said Karen Canning.

Those words of advice were just part of the discussion during the annual Parenting Partners workshop at Dorn School.

Some 15 parents who collectively had more than 700 years of parenting experience attended the event.

Canning, Kate Rotsch, Shannon Parquette and Cathy Lewis spent a couple of hours sharing strategies with parents to help their students succeed in school and - moving forward - in life.

"Success at school starts at home," Mrs. Canning said, urging parents to adopt strategies that help their children succeed.

Some of those strategies included: Setting aside time for kids to do homework everyday; creating a space for kids to do their homework uninterrupted; helping kids manage their time better and helping kids set goals for the future.

Other pieces of advice for parents included: Asking your child to tell you how their day went and require more than a one-word answer; call yopur child's teacher regularly and build a positive rapport with him/her and encourage your child when they become discouraged.

Parents were also urged to get more involved in their child's schools by attending parent-teacher conferences; joining PTA's; attending field trips and voluneering at school.

These are all ways parents can help their child succeed in school.

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