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Parades a Success at Sorrick and Oak Ridge

The parades were contained to the parking lots of Sorrick and Oak Ridge schools, but that didn't stop the vehicles - or the enthusiasm - from coming out in large numbers Saturday.

Staff lined up around the parade routes as families stayed in their decorated vehicles and waved to teachers they hadn't seen in two months as those same teachers held signs telling their students just how much they loved and missed them.

Between the two schools, several hundred cars and families turned out to see their teachers and show their support during this Coronavirus pandemic that has forced people into their homes and initiated remote learning.

The parades were coordinated by grade levels by staff and principals at both schools and were scheduled in such a way that parents could drive to one school and then make the parade at the second school if they had children attending both Sorrick and Oak Ridge.

Sorrick Principal Natalie Profita and Oak Ridge Principal Kevin Buscemi lauded the efforts of staff and families who turned out to show their support for each other. 

Mr. Buscemi said it was amazing to see so many children, parents and teachers turn out in support of each other.

"We really are so fortunate to work in such an incredible school district," he said. 

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