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Students and Parents Excited About First Day of School

Dressed neatly in a new Adidas shirt and shorts, Tyler Trieu couldn’t hide his excitement for the first day of school. He was ready. 

“I get to see my friends and my new teacher!” said Tyler, a newly-minted fourth grader at Glen Oaks School. “This is a great day. I’m so glad to be returning to school in-person learning.”

Tyler wasn’t the only one in his family excited and ready for students to return to school. His father Timothy and mother Psuong echoed their son’s sentiments. 

Mr. Trieu said when kids are on their computers at home they sometimes get distracted and play games on their iPads and Chromebooks.

He said he believed his son would learn more in person. “That (in-person learning) is important for the kids.

He added that if learning remains remote from home, “kids aren’t learning anything and this generation is going to be very bad (sic) for this country. I hope everybody understands.”

The Trieus weren’t the only family to offer appreciation for school returning in person. 

Jacob and Marta Kampen were thrilled that their son, Kuba, 9, was returning to Glen Oaks for fourth grade while younger son, Kenton, 7, was starting second grade. The brothers will attend the same school together for the next two years.

“In-person is much better for the kids,” Mr. Kampen said. “When we were doing remote, it often took the kids from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. to complete their lessons. In school is where they belong.”

Fourth-grader Joshua Struska was admittedly a bit nervous about his first day of school. But it was more a function of being away from school for five months than it was being the first day of school. 

Joshua, who was walking to school with his dad, Steve, said the adjustment of coming back to school after months away “will be a little hard, but I am looking forward to seeing my friends.”

Across the district at Sorrick School, Amy O’Brien was walking her son Alex to the door for his first day in first grade.

“It’s a little nerve-racking, but kids need to be in school,” Mrs. O'Brien said. "It's time."Mrs. Gasieniea and sons Jacob (left) and Kasper O

Mrs. O'Brien and son Alex

Tyler Trieu