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New LED School Marquees Getting "Glowing" Reviews

North Palos District 117 is all abuzz over the new electronic LED marquees that were recently installed outside of Dorn, Sorrick, Glen Oaks, Oak Ridge and Conrady Junior High schools. 

The 10mm LED marquees provide a clear resolution to display unlimited messages and have been getting "glowing" reviews since they were installed. 

Principals have been heaping praise on Building and Grounds Director Dan Ford for all his work on researching and getting the new marquees up and running. 

"First of all, they look fantastic. They're great," said Oak Ridge Principal Kevin Buscemi. "This is another way for us to communicate with our families and the community." 

Glen Oaks Principal Carla Braun added: "We are so thankful for our new marquee.  It is so nice to be able to share timely information with our community.  It really brightens up our school too!"

Dorn Principal Eileen McCaffrey said: "With so many things happening in our district, it is nice to be able to advertise it all and not be limited by space!"

Sorrick Principal Natalie Profita said: "The marquees are very eye-catching! The graphic appeal of the customizable screens allow us to share timely information with the community in a visually-appealing way.

"They showcase the excitement and welcoming nature of our schools," Profita said. "We are so fortunate to have them!"

Adrienne Pavek, Conrady's principal, said: "The sign affords us the opportunity to update daily and include more timely information.  

"Also, we could have black/gold days identified daily," she said. "The best thing about the sign is that we can have layered messages.  The old sign,with its restriction on the number of letters made it very difficult to come up with anything more than one message."
Pavek said animations could be amazing!  "Imagine children running across the screen - WOW!
The marquees will remain on until 9 p.m. every night and then turned off until 6 a.m. during the week and 7 a.m. on the weekends.

A planter box made of paver stones (similar to the one around the marquee at Sorrick) will be put around the Conrady marquee to act as a protective barrier.

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