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Internet Safety Event A Success

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 Internet Safety Presentation 

More than 30 families attended a recent Internet Safety presentation at Conrady Junior High School where parents learned about things such as: knowing what apps their children are using, creating safe and healthy boundaries and expectations, establishing family values and using parental controls.

Guest speaker Abby Johnson with the Project Help Organization led the hour-long session that engaged parents with tips that included how to embed internet safety practices in their own homes.

Please click the Internet Safety Presentation to access the presentation information and links from the event. Our district is using Securly to keep students safe on their school-issued devices. As part of our commitment to your child’s safety we’re giving you access to the free Securly Home app. Please click here for directions on how to download this app.

The event was in partnership with the Green Hills Public Library in Palos Hills.

Supporting the event were principals, parent liaisons, paraprofessionals and the Green Hills Library.