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Conrady Jaguards take ROAR Values to the next level

Students at Conrady designed a School Spirit themed mask in Ms. Brudzisz's art classes.  
Below are a few examples and their artist statements. Check out more of the fashionable entries at Conrady's digital online art gallery - Artsonia.  


Roar Mask Conrady Jaguars

Artist Statement

To be a Conrady Jaguar is to be a good person in general. We represent the phrase treat people the way you want to be treated. And that’s why we all show each other the respect we deserve. I think my mask represents responsibility, on task, and respect. I say this because the mask was made for the Respect of Conrady. To make a mask like this you have to be on task and focused. And it felt like it was my responsibility to bring the school together by making a mask that represents it.


Teacher Feedback

Great work James! I love how you designed the border around our mascot and included ROAR! Keep up the wonderful work! 

ROAR Mask We are Jaguars

Artist Statement
To be a Conrady Jaguar, you have to be respectful, on task, act safe, and responsible for your actions. You have to be respectful to everyone in the building. You have to be on task in class. You have to act safe around others to avoid getting anyone hurt. Lastly, you have to take responsibility for your actions. My mask shows everyone respecting each other. Everyone is happy here, which is what the school strives for. The school strives for every child who enrolls here to get an excellent education for their future. They want the children to be happy while in school, which is why students have to follow ROAR expectations so that every child can get the best out of every school day.
Teacher Feedback
Very impressive work Ryley! Your illustration is so thoughtful and your artist statement gives it such meaning!  I love how it shows the diversity of our Conrady Jaguar Family! Your work is refined like a professional artist! I am so proud of you.  Keep up the amazing work! 

ROAR Mask Paw

Artist Statement
Being a Conrady Jaguar means much more than just going to the school. It means being a good student, meeting up to the expectations that are set for you. Here we have our R.O.A.R system. R is for respect, meaning no talking when the teacher is talking, being kind to your peers, etc. The O is for on task, meaning no being late for class, doing your work when the teacher tells you to, and many other things. A is for acting safe, so there is no running in the halls, and now with Covid-19 going around, that means there is no direct or indirect contact, staying 6 feet apart, and always sanitizing your hands. Last but not least, the second R stands for responsibility. This means that the Chromebooks should be brought charged, homework should be finished, and classwork should be turned in on time. If we follow the rules, our school also likes to have special treats for the students such as movies in class, free time, and even fun things to do around school. My mask represents the classes that are held at Conrady(they may or may not be visible), and it represents the school colors. Being a Conrady Jaguar has been great for me, and I love representing my school.

Teacher Feedback

I love how you included symbols for all of the subjects of school Emily!  What a great way to bring us all together! Your artist statement is well written, thorough, uses clear details and contains all the necessary information required from the prompt! I am so proud of this piece!

We are...Jaguars

Artist Statement

Being a Conrady Jaguar means that you're respectful, on task, acting safe, and being responsible. By following all these ROAR expectations you not only help yourself but help others. For instance, by staying on task your teachers won’t have to grade late work which takes away time when their at home. My mask visually represents Conrady Jaguars because it shows all the characteristics that we Jaguars have. These are all positive character traits that can help you follow the ROAR expectations.

Teacher Feedback

The positive character traits of Jaguars in the acrostic format is such a great, fantastic, wonderful idea Feona! Your drawing and letters are professionally refined! I love the positive message this communicates. Thank you for recognizing teachers too with your example for staying on task.