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Victor says "Be Seen and Be Heard"

All students in Pre-Kindergarten through 1st grade recently saw an assembly in response to the state mandate of educating students about Erin’s Law. The assembly is called Be Seen and Heard© - A Prevention-Oriented  Program, for all Students. This program is designed to create an age-appropriate, safe and engaging environment where students will learn the difference between safe and unsafe touch, and the importance of having trusted adults in their lives.  Our presenter, Victor, was OUTSTANDING, keeping the children engaged in his presentation the entire time.  

Victor gave all children a bookmark, but it was not simply a bookmark.  On it, there are directions for parents that tell you how to get a free copy of one of the books Victor wrote (the one he read to the children).  I highly recommend you do so and read and re-read the book to your children.  This is a very important topic, one that children should be reminded of often.  The book does a nice job of addressing the topic in a very sensitive and age-appropriate way for our small students.