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Parenting Partners a Success


In September Dorn and Glen Oaks hosted a free program aimed at providing parents with tools to become even better parents. The program was called “Parenting Partners”. The workshops focused on key positive parenting skills that help our children to become more successful. The positive parenting workshops included the following topics: “Positive Parenting”, “Creating Positive Kids”, “Communication that Works”, “Creating Structure for Achievement, “Discipline: Practice for Success”, “What Children  Need to Succeed” and “Parents Engaged for Academic Success”. The workshops were led collaboratively by members of the PPS team including Kate Rotsch (Glen Oaks Social Worker), Karen Canning (Glen Oaks Psychologist) , Shannon Parquette (Dorn Psychologist)) and Cathy Lewis (Dorn Social Worker).  Regina Blackstone (Glen Oaks Social Worker) also helped coordinate. 

The program was well-received, as 12 district parents who attended six weekly sessions. The program will be offered again next fall