The False Princess

by Eilis O'Neal Year Published: 2011
"According to the oracle, there was a chance the princess could die, murdered, before her sixteenth birthday.  All the oracle saw was blood, and the princess dead in this room."
But I am sixteen, I thought hazily.  Is that what they want to tell me, that I'm safe now?  My father went on, "The princess was the only heir.  We had to keep her safe, no matter what the cost... We hid the princecess away so she would be safe until after her sixteenth birthday.  And we replaced her with another baby, a false princess.  You."
I am alone, I thought as I gazed around the hall.  All of this, all of my life, it was a dream.  And it was ending. 
"What is my name?" I asked. 
For the first time the Queen stirred, raising her head to look at me.  "Sinda" she said, her voice thin.  "He said your name was Sinda."