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Superintendent's Message


    Jean Stachowiak






    As the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves begin to change colors, we know that fall has arrived. That also means that school is in full swing and routines have been established. 
    As I tour the buildings throughout the district, I am constantly reminded why I become an educator and school district administrator. I see so many talented and dedicated teachers who show up every single day to give selflessly of themselves so students receive every opportunity to excel in the classroom. I also see so many students sporting smiles from ear to ear knowing that they are surrounded by people who truly care about them and want the best for them. Their smiles are uplifting.
    I want parents to know that every person in this district has your student's best interest at heart. Our goal is to keep them safe and to provide them with the  best education possible. That is our mission. It is a mission we take very seriously. We challenge them to learn at high levels, but we also challenge them to be socially responsible and to be good and caring members of their communities. With your help, we are doing just that.
    I would also like to take a moment and congratulate the teachers, staff and students at Conrady Junior High School. Together, they have worked tirelessly to turn that school into a beacon of excellence as it was recently recognized as a winner of the coveted National Blue Ribbon Award. The Award is the highest honor that a school can receive. 
    We are proud of our work here in the district and we hope you feel the same pride in being a member of this incredible community. Working closely with our three communities and the mayors, aldermen and first responders, as well as the local libraries, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club and state representatives and senators, we are confident we can do our part to continue making this district a destination for many families.
    Our District 117 team welcomes and encourages families to provide feedback.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of us during the school year with any questions or suggestions you may have.


    Yours in Education,


    Jeannie Stachowiak, Ed.D

    Superintendent of Schools



    Through a dedicated commitment from students, parents, staff and the entire community, the mission of North Palos School District 117 is to create a positive, caring, learning environment, which fosters excellence and active student participation and to ensure that every student will realize his/her full potential as a socially responsible lifelong learner.


    Visionary Leadership
    Search for Possibilities

    Learning Centered Education
    Developing Professional Learning Communities
    Organizational and Personal Learning
    Creates a Culture of Continuous Improvement

    Managing for Innovation
    Model and Monitor what is Important

    Systems Perspective
    Find Ways Around Obstacles

    Management by Fact
    Find what is Working

    Focus on the Future
    Believe that Solutions Exist

    Public Responsibility and Citizenship
    Be the Best for the World

    Realize that Change is a Possibility

    Focus on Results and Creating Value
    Broaden Your Definition of Winning

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