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Parent Liaisons

Bilingual Parent Liaisons

The definition of the word “liaise” is “to make it possible for two organizations or groups to work together and provide information to each.” Much like the title suggests, a Parent Liaison is the designated individual whose primary function is to connect the home and school in a positive, respectful, and welcoming manner.  

The purpose of the Parent Liaison is to work with teachers, administrators, and parents to translate/interpret, coordinate, and encourage family involvement to facilitate children’s learning in specialized programs.

Parent Liaison Supports

  • Interpret and Translate across the district
  • Family engagement events
    • Snack and Chat
    • Bilingual Storytime
    • Other, as needed
  • Adult ESL courses
  • Parent Mentor Program
  • Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee
  • Preschool Family Events
  • Preschool Screenings
  • EL Intake Plan 
  • IEP Meetings
  • Other family events, as needed.
Manal Zoubeidi
Office Number:
Arabic Bilingual Parent Liaison
Roberto Diaz de Leon
Office Number:
Spanish Bilingual Parent Liaison
Danuta Figus
Office Number:
Polish Bilingual Parent Liaison