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Dial 708-598-5743 To Report an Absence

First, choose the correct school:
  1. Conrady
  2. Dorn
  3. Glen Oaks
  4. Oak Ridge
  5. Sorrick
When it is necessary for your child/children to be absent, the parent or guardian is required to call the school attendance line in the morning before the start of school and relay the following information to the principal's office:
  1. State Student’s Name
  2. Your Name
  3. Reason For Absence
  4. Call Back Number 
Illinois School Law requires students to attend school and the school relies upon the parents or guardians to have the child at school regularly and punctually, except in cases of illness, disability, or death in the family. Regular attendance is students’ opportunity for academic achievement.
If a student is absent two or three days in succession, the parent or guardian must call the school each day, unless the school is informed of an extended illness.
Any student absent because of a contagious disease, communicable or extended illness MUST have a note from a physician before returning to school.
Students who arrive at school tardy are to report directly to the principal’s office either accompanied by a parent or with a note from a parent for an admission pass to class. Students who arrive forty-five (45) minutes late should bring a lunch. Students are to be prompt in the attendance of all classes throughout the day. Continual tardiness will result in contact with the parents to discuss appropriate remediation.
Chronic truants (as defined by the state are students who are absent from school without valid cause for 10% or more of the last 180 school days) will be reported to the Educational Service Region and to the local police department if necessary.
ALL requests for excusing students from school should be made in writing by the parent or guardian and sent to the principal. Medical and dental appointments should be made after school hours except in cases of emergency. A student may not be excused for a medical or dental appointment without previous notification.
If a student is late one and a half hours or more or leaves one and a half hours or more before the end of the day, the student is counted one half day absent.
Parents are discouraged from withdrawing children for vacations during the school year. If it is unavoidable, they must notify the principal a week before leaving. The student must assume the responsibility for all assignments and tests that will be covered during the absence. Students who are excused are recorded as absent, under state law, if the time of absence exceeds 50% of the school day.
Perfect attendance awards are not affected by “Take Your Children to Work Day” or religious holidays. For “Take Your Children to Work Day” evidence of a work visit is required.