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Public Relations

Department Director: Jim Hook
Phone: 708-233-8074
Fax: 708-598-5539
Email: [email protected]
  • Keep Superintendent and other administrators informed on issues with potential impact to District 117.
  • Write and edit articles and take photos for website.
  • Write and submit articles for newspapers and state and national journals.
  • Respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
  • Use Twitter to publish photos of district/school/community events.
  • Conduct residency checks.
  • Serve as truancy officer.
  • Serve on District 117 Safety Committee & Coordinate Meetings with First Responders.
  • Coordinate "Recognize A Star" and "Recognize A Star Student" programs.
  • Write Board Updates.
  • District's liaison with state and local elected officials.
  • District's liaison with and serve as director of the Hickory-Palos Hills Kiwanis Club and member of the Hills Chamber of Commerce.
  • Assist administrators with media queries.
A community should be known by the schools it keeps. In North Palos District 117, we are doing our best every day to make sure our community is known for its high-achieving students who look forward to attending those schools every day and who are as talented in the classrooms as they are caring and considerate at home and in their respective communities. We do that through a collaborative and collegial effort to communicate those accomplishments in both print and digital media. Celebrating effort and accomplishment provides the motivation to keep improving. It also helps ensure early success for our students. And we're all in sync on that one. By highlighting student achievement and performance, we hope to continue providing our students with the incentive to become lifelong learners. There's a direct correlation between student achievement and parental involvement. Parents love to see their children do well. They also like seeing stories and photos of their children in newspapers, online and in journals. So do the children themselves. It serves as a catalyst to strive for greatness. We're a team here in District 117 and we work together as teachers, parents, administrators, aides, bus drivers, custodians and other staff to help motivate students and to keep them focused on the task at hand. It's an awesome feeling when students open up and allow you to be the conduit by which they share their stories with others. Here in District 117 we try to impact, impart and influence our students while fostering a culture of kindness.