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Transportation Information

If you live less than 1.5 miles from the school, there will be a transportation fee of $200.00 for the year.

No house stops are to be made unless the child’s IEP requires a house pick up/drop off.

Your child should be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before bus arrival time and please allow up to 10 minutes after the scheduled drop off time in the event of traffic delays. It is important for students to be at the bus stop on time. Busses cannot return for students who miss the bus as this causes delays for other students.

Kindergarten and First Grade students MUST have a parent/guardian meet them at the bus stop after school. If no parent is present the child will be taken back to school.  Please understand the Transportation Office is busy and cannot call to notify you that the bus has arrived at the stop.

Although the school district understands that unexpected situations sometimes arise, in order to ensure each student’s safety, pick-up and drop-off arrangements need to be the same every day that the student rides the bus. We understand that child care plans may change. However, a new Transportation Request Form must be submitted to district office at least two school days prior to the change. We cannot accept verbal changes.

Example of Acceptable Request: A student is picked up at home before school, and dropped off at a babysitter’s house after school, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday the babysitter brings the child to school and picks the child up after school. This is acceptable; as the arrangements are the same on every day the student rides the bus.

Example of Unacceptable Request: A student is picked up before school, and dropped off after school, at a daycare center everyday. One morning the parent decides that they would like the child to be picked up and dropped off at home due to having the day off of work. We would not be able to accommodate this request, as the arrangements are not the same for each day the student rides the bus.

With transporting more than 2,300 students to multiple schools daily, we do not have the capacity to safely manage same day variations in pick-up and drop-off arrangements for individual students.