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Health Care Staff

Our health care providers give direct care to students with injuries, acute illnesses, and manage students with special health care needs. 
 *Mary Ruiz - Districtwide Registered Nurse (Conrady)
*Mary Sodaro - Registered Nurse (Dorn)
* Shakhnoza Alieva - Registered Nurse (Glen Oaks/Conrady)
 *Margaret Janda - Health Clerk (Sorrick)
* Robin Neumann - Health Clerk (Oak Ridge)


  • Liaison between school personnel, family, health care professionals, and community
  • Identification of health condition that may create a barrier to educational progress
  • Emergency plan development to manage emergent events in the school setting (i.e.diabetes, asthma, seizures, nut allergy)
  • Participates as a member of the multi-disciplinary team in the identification, evaluation, and placement of students into special education programs
  • Participates in the development of health-related policies and procedures in compliance with state mandates.
  • Assesses the safety needs of the school environment in compliance with OSHA guidelines and implements the Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan  
  • Manage Medical 504 Plans


  • Vision screening/referral
  • Hearing screening/referral
  • Illinois State Board of Education mandatory reporting of immunization compliance
  • Communicable disease reporting to IDPH
  • School environment safety monitoring (playgrounds, potential hazards)
  • Maintains accurate medical records to assure compliance with state mandates
The NPD117 Health Department Staff:
  • Is CPR Certified
  • Is First Aid Certified
  • Is Hearing/Vision Certified
  • Maintains communication with administrators, teachers, other school personnel and parents/guardians to enhance cooperative action, which will meet the healthy and safety needs of students.