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How do I know if my child's speech and language skills are developing appropriately?

As with any area of development, children grow at different paces. Speech and language is no different. While there are basic norms that can be used to guide us in determining areas of need, sometimes professional judgment is best. If you would like your child screened, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

How are children usually identified as having a need for screening?

Often times, classroom teachers refer students that they would like to be screened due to effects of communication difficulties on academics. Parents can request a screening, as well.

What areas of communication are targeted by speech therapists?

  • Articulation: production of speech sounds
  • Receptive language: ability to comprehend language (including following directions, understanding age-appropriate vocabulary and concepts, etc.)
  • Expressive language: ability to communicate wants and needs, answer questions, and express ideas
  • Stuttering: difficulty communicating with smooth, fluent speech
  • Pragmatics: ability to use language appropriately (i.e. turn-taking, topic maintenance, providing sufficient information, etc.)