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Health Procedures

Picking Up A Sick Child From School

Sick children need to go home from school as soon as possible, for their comfort and for the health of the well students. Coming to school to pick up a sick child may cause an inconvenience and require a parent to leave work, but we thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Please be sure and provide your current phone number and the available emergency contact information.

School Absence

In compliance with state law and for your child’s safety a parent is requested to notify the school office within the first hour of school. North Palos School District 117 has a dedicated telephone number to call to report your child absent that number is (708) 598-5743. If your child has had a serious injury, illness, eye infection, skin rash or a hospitalization, your doctor may fax documentation to the school directed providing authorization for their return to school.

Activity Restriction

Students that have a cast, hard splint, or sutures will not participate in physical education until written clearance is provided by the treating physician.

School Parties

Each elementary school has a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) that organizes school parties. The PTA charges a set party fee. The PTA party fee covers the cost of the party games, crafts, prizes, and drinks (listed below) that are provided at each of the PTA sponsored parties. The students will participate in the following parties with the following PTA provided party menu:
  • Halloween (October) and Holiday (December) Parties: salty and sweet snacks (both allergen free) and juice or water
  • Valentine’s Day Party: nut-free ice cream and toppings; lactose-free alternative available.
  • End of Year Picnic/Party: Menu determined by school PTA Board and Building administrator Only non-food items may be purchased by individual parents as party treats.
Please do not send goodie bags. Goodie bags are not allowed at school parties. Only individual, non-food items may be distributed and may include pencils, spider rings, mini-note pads, etc. Valentine cards may not include candy items. Only Valentine cards without candy or other edible items will be allowed. If you do not want your child(ren) to eat party food items provided by the PTA, you may opt out and send food to school for your child, but please follow the nut-free guidelines.