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Medication Procedures

It shall be the policy of the State of Illinois per Illinois code 105 ILCS 5/10-22.21b that the administration of medication to students during regular school hours and during school-related activities should be discouraged unless absolutely necessary for the critical health and wellbeing of the student.

Medications should be limited to those required during school hours which are necessary to maintain the student in school and those needed in the event of an emergency. 

All medications given in school, including non-prescription drugs, shall be prescribed by a licensed prescriber on an individual basis as determined by the student’s health status. A written order for prescription and non-prescription medications must be obtained from the student’s licensed prescriber.

Medication must be brought to the school in a container, labeled appropriately by the pharmacist or licensed prescriber.  Over the counter (OTC) medication shall be brought in with the manufacturer's original label with the ingredients listed and the child's name affixed to the container.

In addition to the licensed prescriber's order, a written request shall be obtained from the parent(s) or guardian requesting that medication be given during school hours. It is the parent(s) or guardian's responsibility to ensure that the licensed prescriber’s order, written request and medication are brought to the school.

Medications must be stored in a separate locked drawer or cabinet in the nursing office at each school.  Students may not carry any medications on them.  Exceptions to this rule would be emergency medications such as an Asthma inhaler, Epi Pen, Diastat, or an insulin pump. These medications are allowed for self-carry as ordered by the licensed prescriber and emergency action plan.

A student’s parent or guardian may also come to the school to administer medication(s) to his/her own child if they wish. Anyone bringing medication to the school must be listed on the Parent/ Emergency Contact List for that child and must bring proper identification upon school entry.

Parent and Physician consents are available on the district website by clicking the link for “Health Forms and Requirements” under Site Shortcuts, and then clicking the link for “Health Forms” the under Health Services tab.

Rev. 2/2018